Insurance Defense

Our extensive knowledge and experience allows us to represent the interests of a variety of insurance companies and their insureds in the defense of liability claims, focusing on personal injury and property loss claims brought against commercial professionals and manufacturers, product-related claims against retailers and distributors, as well as various claims brought against homeowners, automobile drivers and trucking companies. In addition, the firm provides first party case management services, assisting with claims investigations, examinations under oath of insureds, and pre-litigation evaluations.

Our firm conducts an efficient factual investigation in each case geared towards giving the insured and the insurance company the most comprehensive information available to make a determination as to the true value of the claim. This may include using the firm’s network of resources to obtain, review, and evaluate medical records, preparing accident reconstruction reports, and conducting independent medical examinations.

Our thorough factual examinations also enable us to effectively identify the issues in a claim and establish a viable legal defense. Combined with our substantial experience in civil litigation and a skillful and effective trial team, Bromagen, Rathet, Klee, & Smith, P.A. provides quality legal representation with an emphasis towards achieving a timely and satisfactory resolution of each case.

Currently, the firm’s insurance clients are Citizens Property Insurance Company and Federated Insurance. We indirectly represent many others through our subrogation work.